Buyers Beware

You are ready to buy a home! It's an exciting time for you. Whether you are a first-time buyer, a buyer with a lot of experience, or an investor there are many factors that all buyers must be aware of to find the ideal home for you at the best possible price. There are a lot of important factors and questions to consider.

Your motivation

Every buyer has their own reasons for buying a home. Are you currently renting and tired of paying high rent but would rather pay the same or just a little more to have your own home? Have you just graduated and is looking to move into a bachelor pad? Did you just get married and is buying a home to build a family? Are you retiring/retired and all your children have moved out and you are looking to downsize to a smaller and more suitable home? Are you looking to invest in properties to maximize return? I will help you and guide you step by step through the entire buying process and give you helpful recommendations no matter how unique your motivation may be.

Who pays the commission?

A common misconception is that buyers have to pay for commission. This is very rarely the case. From my experience around 99.9% of the time the seller is responsible for commission which is part of the sold price. I will make sure that your best interest is my top priority and that there won't be any surprises with how commission is paid.

Finding the best homes for sale

Sometimes a lot of great deals come on the market but buyers are unaware of. I will provide access to many great properties including power of sales, foreclosures, fixer-uppers, distress sales, exclusive listings, new developments, and high quality resale homes. Wouldn't you want to have access to these listings? I will show them to you hassle-free.

Should I get pre-approval for mortgage?

A simple and common asked question. With a very simple answer: definitely! A lot of buyers have no idea what they can really afford. It is heartbreaking to see buyers find the home of their dreams and thinking they can afford it only to find out at the bank that it is above their affordability and become discouraged. It is imperative to find out what you can afford to avoid disappointment. If you are pre-approved for financing, it will make your offers a lot stronger versus other offers that come in with a financing condition. A lot of buyers think that it will cost money or affect their credit if they get a pre-approval. This is also a myth as this is only to help you determine what you can truely afford but not a formal application yet. Usually the application process starts once the ideal home is found after pre-approval consultation has been conducted. I can refer to you helpful mortgage specialists that will be sure to help you get the best rate whatever your credit, downpayment, expenses and income may be.

What about grow houses, hidden leaks, structural instability and other unpleasant surprises?

Often these unpleasant surprises are what buyers fear the most and a good reason why they need the guidance of a helpful and honest real estate professional to protect their best interest. I will do my best to ensure that you are protected from these problems so that you can have peace of mind.

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