Sellers Beware

The market is hot. A great chance to capitalize on the tramendous gains we've been experiencing in the real estate market. As a seller, there are many important facts which are pertinent to successfully getting a home SOLD for top dollars as quickly as possible involes a system.

The system of selling a home for top dollars and quickly involves a few important factors that can't be ignored:

1) Renovation/Staging

A lot of seller's have no idea where to begin when it comes to renovations that will increase the value of their property. Sellers often feel that certain expensive additions will increase the value but rather all they may need to add is as simple as fresh paint. I will guide you in this area to help to determine what are the best renovations to do that will save the most money while having the greatest impact on value. A home's worth can't be seen even after renovating it without properly staging to make the home presentable and appealing to potential buyers. Unless it's cleaned, decluttered and properly presented, the value of the home can't be seen by the average buyer. Me and our professional stager will show you how to attract more buyers at no additional cost. Our professional renovators will give you a free consultation to see what you can do to maximize value.

2) Marketing

Ok. So we're ready to sell this home! So let's just slap a for sale sign somewhere, put it on the internet and wait for all those buyers to come knocking with multiple offers right? I'm sorry to say it's not that simple. To properly market a home involves tramendous research, planning, advertising and constant qualifying of potential buyers. I can help you with all of these areas so you don't have to worry about it. I will help research where the best target markets are and how to get the attention of these target buyers. Open houses are a valuable home-selling tool which I will help you conduct to capture more potential buyers. I will also show your home to potential buyers from my database of contacts. I will market your home on the internet on many popular real estate databases so that you receive maximum exposure. I will also handle all the negotiations to get you top dollars! Me and our marketing specialists will do all the hard work so that it's hassle-free for you.

3) Competition

The nature of real estate is very competitive. A house down the street or within your neighbourhood may be priced currently at a much lower price with similar or better features than your home. So if you are not aware of the competition, you may be unintentionally helping them sell their home and wasting precious marketing time. Let me help you find out all you need to know about your competitions.

4) Pricing

Pricing depends on the features/condition of available comparable listings, and the average price sold, the turnover level (number of sold homes), availability of listings in the area, and the supply and demand factor of the entire housing market. I will help you break all of these factors down and do a comparative market analysis to determine the most suitable listing price and also show you a net sheet to determine what you will get in your pocket.

5) Market trends and statistics

Often sellers put their home up for sale without really understanding the market condition impacted by major drivers such supply/demand, economic impact, income and other factors. This can cause a dramatic shift of the average price, average days on market, average % of mortgage to income, and other important indicators of all these drivers that impact the market condition. I will show you all of the latest statistics so that you will be well informed and educated regarding the market.

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